When I think about Mary, I am in awe of her faith. How many times, I wonder, did she want to embrace her Son in the in between moments of Him carrying the cross to the point of Him dying there? Was she boiling with rage as He was beaten? Did she flashback to the birth of her Son, remembering the very first time she held her Newborn safe in her arms? I’m sure her heart had torn in two as the One she labored was mocked and falsely accused. And as He was told to call on His Father to rescue Him and prove Himself, in the agony of watching the flesh of her flesh slowly die, I wonder if she whispered to herself, “oh, just prove yourself.” But in faith she knew who her Son was, and the way He was making for all. And even in His agony, even in their mockery, He only calls on His Father to forgive them. Bloodied and beaten and violated and accused. Only King Jesus would do this for us. Breaking bread and washing feet with a friend who He knew would betray Him. All so He could lay down His life so we can have it eternal. So little sons today may sing songs in their childlike faith to a Holy King who is so worthy of our whole lives. He died and rose and death is just that, dead & defeated.. This life is just a breath, Heaven is here and it’s calling and it’s eternal. Yeshua is alive and well and how Worthy and faithful is the lamb who made a way for us! 🌿

Death is swallowed up in victory.
O, death, where is your victory?
O, death, where is your sting?

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