Standing in my clean kitchen, in front of the open window on a warm Spring day, listening to my sons play in the backyard with their daddy. Growing belly with our 3rd baby in womb and I wonder, is anything better than this? Simple. Slow. A 1.5 year olds belly laugh that takes you back to Eden. Innocent and pure and walking hand in hand with the Father. A close friend that reaches out in text just to let you know you’re thought of. Those moments you’ve told the Father you hang on to nothing and you’re so sure He is absolutely the only thing and everything, and He comes like a mighty, quiet wind and stills all things. And is He still the only thing? Is he still everything? When it feels like all fading things are stuck at a halt? I think of this upcoming Easter and all of the empty churches there will be. I can’t help but think of that first Friday, I wonder how many who said they believed question Him in the in between. Between 3 days of death to life. those who saw Him rise again must have surely put down the unbelief for good. He is good. In the in between surely He is working and surely He is for us and surely there is more than we can see while faith is rising in us. The 3rd day is on its way and King Jesus will show us the way in putting our unbelief down for good. For today, it is warm and it is slow and He is working and we can rest.

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