We got in the car & my husband was thinking over a Francis Chan message we just listened to. “I thought maybe I should tell you, Jesus comes before my family. …But that’s why we prosper.” like maybe he was afraid I‘d be jealous. But I’m thankful for that reality. At the end of the day, when everything is stripped away from us, when churches are shut down & the lights are turned off & there’s no awesome band to lead us into His presence, He is still present. At the end of the day, when it’s quiet & we are alone with just Jesus, we still choose Him. we worship Him with our life, as if everyday were Sunday. our children, at 1&3, sing songs we make up at home, “you’re a good good God to me..”

Lately I’ve been feeling this deeper longing and calling in my heart for Jesus. Full of wonder and adventure and butterflies everytime I seek Him. Like Something wild He is inviting us to. and I’m so overwhelmed by the way our friend Jesus is inviting our sons into friendship, too.

we went over the scripture today in Mark 5 about the bleeding woman. If only she could just touch Jesus she knew she would be healed. And I know the burning in her belly she must’ve felt just to touch Him. Just to taste a moment of freedom. Just one moment with Him changes everything. He is everything. And maybe that woman is you, today. if only you could just touch Him, you know you’d be free. & it’s so true. He’s wild for all of us, and I so believe He is stripping away everything that fades in this world that we find comfort in. So nothing in between us & Him remains. So we can just reach out and touch Jesus & experience His love & goodness & the freedom everyone of us craves. So that when everything else dies out, we still worship Him with our entire lives unashamed. to live everyday like it’s Sunday.

…for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek You.. Psalms 9

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