My husband & I were praying together the other night, and as he prayed he asked the Father for some things that were desires within us. I’m reading through a book that is making the scales fall off of my eyes. Why I am the way I am and why I view the Father for who He’s not as my Father.

The thing I have never trusted Father with is provision. And the other day after I read my book, I’m making dinner and it felt like the Holy Spirit literally downloaded the revelation of why I don’t go to the Father when I’m in need. I said out loud, “Holy crap!” And had to immediately write it all down. I’m realizing there’s always, always new levels of healing. And as it never gets easier, it’s always so worth it. The new levels of freedom He invites us to always come with a sense of relief and deeper intimacy and friendship with Jesus.

So as my husband was praying for the desires of my heart, he said, “God has been giving us the desires of our hearts. And I know this is a desire of your heart. And I think he’s going to keep His track record. ”

Something in those words moved me. There’s something about being a daughter that leaves you longing to be seen & known & loved & protected & pursued by a father. And I know that will always remain void with my earthly dad. But the Father continually reaches out to hold my hand, taking on that role of a strong dad. And so often He places spiritual father’s in our life to guide us along the way, if we receive them. I’m not an orphan and I know where my home is.

When you know you are really loved by a Father, it changes everything. Even if your earthly father isn’t present and you have no idea how to receive a Father, we have a Heavenly Father who created all things. Though He created the universe, His longing is to be so intimate with our hearts right here and now.

This is just too wonderful, too deep and incomprehensible! Your understanding of me brings me wonder and strength.