Do you ever get an anxious heart over a situation? Whether it’s something you know you have to confront with someone, or a health scare, or your finances, or your marriage feeling heavy, or your teenager who just got their license? Just something, anything, that makes you lose your perspective in the moment. Something that makes you panic when you think about it. Something that presses into you and makes the overflow of your heart want to spew off untruth.

I literally just told the Father last week I was going to trust Him in these moments, and not let my own perspective of any “blah” moment guide my emotions. So I’m not sure why I was frustrated or surprised when something happened this morning that attempted to change my perspective. I literally just had to stop and call out to Him out loud and throw my hands up because I’ve learned over and over again my own feelings cannot be trusted to guide me into peace and truth. I need His presence to do that. And then He reminded me of this scripture,

If I would have given into my pain and spoken out of what I was feeling, it would have sounded like unfaithfulness to the next generation. When I tried to understand it, I just couldn’t. It was too puzzling – to much of a riddle to me. But then one day I was brought into the sanctuaries of God , and in the light of His glory my distorted perspective vanished.

Psalm 73 goes on to say, He pierced my opinions with truth. … you comfort me by Your counsel; You draw me closer to You. You lead me with Your secret wisdom.

Calling on His name and bringing awareness to His presence and wisdom, what I thought about the situation vanished, and He covered me with a blanket of peace. His wisdom and knowledge is so far beyond my understanding. And His presence is so thick and powerful and so kind, that it changes our perspective when we focus on Him.

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