& where can I go from Your Spirit? & where could I run & hide from Your face? the other day I had asked the Father where He was in my deepest wound, the thing that had shaped me for many years. I thought we had settled the score, but turns out, if we invite Him in over & over again, there’s always new layers of healing in everything. always new revelation & freedom. something He revealed about myself is that I wasn’t trusting him to see me through any wilderness type thing. the ones I’ve gotten myself into & even the ones He guides me to. So, Abba, though I felt who am I to even ask, where were You in my greatest wound? The thing that shaped how I see You and the world? “I didn’t leave you at the door.” & this time memory invades me & I see each room where I felt alone & afraid, full of Angels. I see the moment I turn my head and let tears fall but He embraces me, weeping when I wept. He didn’t leave me at the door, no, the Father walked with me through every moment. Every room. And every day after. It’s impossible to disappear from You or to ask the darkness to hide me, for Your presence is everywhere, bringing light into my night. He doesn’t leave us at the door. He doesn’t lead us to any wilderness type thing, only to turn off the lights & expect us to maze through it alone. He is so faithful to heal & set us free & light up our darkest night. I’m so thankful for that reality.


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