You know that scene in the Wizard of Oz when all Dorothy wanted was to be home, so she says over and over again, “there’s no place like home”, taps her ruby red slippers together and it sends her home? I’ve been hearing that in every aspect of my life.

When my husband is gone for weeks speaking at camps and I miss him. There’s no place like home.

When I start to get too critical of our house and start to Zillow new places to live :-). The Father reminds me, there’s no place like your home.

When we moved away and I missed our church so much. There’s no place like home.

When I can finally get away into the secret place with the Father. I sigh and say I missed you. There’s no place like Home.

Every Saturday my oldest son asks us all day, can we go to church? And he asks for his best friend. Can we go to church today? I’d like to think this place feels like home to him.

And so I’ve been praying. For others to feel this way. To come to know the Father and know He is home. When you trail off too far that you’d miss home. So you come running back to a house unlocked, the door wide open. The feast prepared and the table set. The Father pours wine and Pulls the seat out for you. Doesn’t ask questions about what you’ve done or where you’ve been. Just reminding you with a deep and simple look, that you’re His heir and you’re royalty and this is your home. Where you belong.

I pray for our church in these ways. That every Saturday children would ask their parents, can we go to church today? The way my son does. And maybe they haven’t been in a while. but the table is set and waiting. The feast is prepared and the Father has pulled out the chair. And they’ll know, there’s no place like home..


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