You know that fight or flight feeling that overcomes you when the path splits & an unknown thing shows it’s scary face? Me, everytime, would search for the nearest open window. When the plan turned to the right or to the left off course, I would question every little word the Father whispered in secret. “But you said..! ..and I thought…! this way is better…easier.. faster…!!” And it happened again, a few months ago. Immediately I made my own plans to find that window. And I could have. The Father might have maybe even opened it for us to escape. But quickly, thankfully, my stomach turned and I remembered a word He spoke in secret. A new way. Not the old ways. A new thing. Watering the garden slowly… and surely, the flowers spring up. And all the while, there was nothing to escape from. Just the enemy showing who he really is again, a liar in the disguise of fear. Someone true told my husband years ago, don’t give up a million dollar future for a dime right now. And I’ve held onto that. I’m not questioning the things and the places and the people the Lord has tethered to my heart anymore. Well, I do for a second sometimes. But then I remember. The zig zag plan is good. And for our good. The people He gives us to do life with are good. He’s good. And always for our good. It’s all His great adventure. Wooing us in, never in a hurry for the next thing. I’m just quietly sitting back, trying to drink it in & unlearn it all. ☀️


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