the belonging

I see the open field and a long wooden table and He is standing there, waiting for me. I walk down the dirt path and there are wild flowers singing at my feet. He invites me to a seat that feels like it’s just for me. I sit down and He pushes in my chair and sits down next to me. Pours me a sweet drink that is new to me, but I’ve tasted it before all the same. Asks me how my day was though He already knows. I’m vague at first but He knows. He goes where the wind goes, and He’s there. Asks me where my heart is and He listens intently. Never once interrupts. Shows up in the middle of the forgotten places of me, that no one else knows. Oh how He knows. And my soul overflows to the song He begins to sing. Something longing in me, I close my eyes and I see knees bent and hands raised to Heaven sent. I hear a new song come out of me and it’s longing. For belonging. My eyes open and He is walking off while others show up. They take a seat and the meal begins. We talk and we laugh and it’s the simple gospel. My children are there dancing in the field with their friends. And I notice Him flowing in the breeze. Reminds me of my longing, reminds me that this is The Belonging. it’s in Him and those seated at the table. What we’ve been searching for was never far away. And I know, my longing is in the belonging.


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