I’d rather eat with my homeless friends than have lunch with the president. I’d rather sit on a barstool, breathing in smokey air and pour love than sit on a hard pew, drowning in the religious. I’d rather listen to cuss words flowing from a genuine place of a hurting heart than a fake ‘how are you’ from the person who really doesn’t care. And I’d rather laugh with my nieces than have the child drained out of me by most adults. I’d rather spend a day outdoors with my dogs than listen to you go on about your designer clothes. I’d rather love the best I could on every corner of my hometown than feel empty, traveling the world. But I never want to become too afraid to go. 

I want to learn to find my joy even when it appears stolen. Learn to use my voice even when they drown me out. Learn to stand my ground even when the concretes breaking. And learn to walk with Jesus through misery than be enticed by the devil to the mountaintop. So tired of being tempted to an unsteady mountaintop. 


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