The Living God

God. I want to fully experience God. I want to know Him in my own experience and not by who others say He is. I want to taste Him for myself and then be able to share Him with others. The real and living God. The one who isn’t just sweet but also spicy. Not just a purring kitten but a roaring lion. I want to run away with the one that calls my name in the night whose name is Jesus. I want to be washed by His water. I want to experience His church at work together and not just a group of people looking out for number one. I want a God at His best who will love me at my worst. I want to dance with Jesus in the secret place, where the warm sun lingers in my hair and the wind sways the flowers at our ankles. And I want to cry with Him in the valley low when my feet are tired so my Warrior carries me to the other side. I don’t want just any god. Not just any god will satisfy me continually. Oh, I’ve tried other gods and I’m always left wanting more. My tongue thirsts for more at these empty wells. I want the God who is in love with me. The one who is the keeper of promises and the one who can satisfy my needs. He will be the one who is more than enough but in Him I will indulge. No, not just any god will do, but the one who offers living water. And when I drink it my taste buds will sing for more. A taste unknown that I have known all along. These hands will throw the map away for I have found the well I’ve been searching for. I have travelled all of these years looking and it was never too far away from me. Yes, this is the God I want. I want to experience Him for Him because He loves me for me. Because he never tells me to change. Because He knows every detail about me and yet He still offers me more to drink. I want to kneel by His side and wash His peoples feet. I want to do work with Him. These hands will get dirty and yet they will always be clean. I want to let go of anger, frustrations and guilt. I want to stop wondering when I will catch my break and just stand in the rain to catch the glory of The Lord on my tongue. I thirst for a fullness that only He can satisfy. I want the Jesus who made wine and the one who gave bread. I want the Jesus who flipped over tables in disgust and the one who raised the dead. I want Him to comfort me in the pain and I want Him to confront me when I need reality. There is only one who forgave and gave life to the adulterer. There is only one who touched and healed leprosy. I want Him. I want Him who did all of these things and didn’t want recognition. I want the one who hated religion, tradition and all of the jewels. I want the one who wore rags and had dirt on His feet. I want the one who loves all people whether gay or straight, who would eat lunch with the homeless and breathe life into the lungs of those who cannot see a way out of misery. I will never find this God in those who mix mud in the water but in He who spit in mud to bring vision to the blind. I want to forget about all of the rest. I want the One, True Living God.