I have been dreaming of this day since the first time I saw your face, and today it is finally here. Ten months of planning, of ups and downs, ten months of counting down the days, and it is finally here. I never needed a big wedding, you know I much rather would have tied the knot the afternoon you asked me to be your wife. But the wait was worth it. The obstacles thrown under our feet, we hurdled over together, never leaving one anothers side. The wait was worth it as we not only grew stronger as a couple, but as you watched me grow stronger as the woman in Christ that God had in mind for you. And though I am so impatient, the wait has been sweet. I loved you the day I met you, but with each time you forgive me for my fumbles, I learn to Love you more. Each time my heart breaks, you are quickly there as my aide, and somehow my heart Loves you deeper. Oh how I Loved you so the first time I held your hand. But we drive down the road as I stare at the sun setting behind us and you slip your hand in mine, and my soul melts more in Love with yours. I’m so amazed with the Lord as I learn just how deep Love can grow. If it’s a true Love, surrounded by Christ, He will make it endless. The only examples of love I’ve ever really saw have always ran out, but how can I be scared of that when I know a True Love in the Lord never runs out? Because He Loves me, I want to Love you. Because He cares for me, takes care of me, heals me, encourages me and never gives up, I want to do it all for you. Our Love is meaningful because it can and has done all of these things. Our Love is strong because we pray for mighty Angels to protect it. Our Love isn’t scared because the Lord is on our side. I want to remember every minute in this day. I want to remember the first time I see you down that aisle. I want to remember the words you will say to me, the promises you will speak. I want to see our friends and families faces as they watch us commit our lives to eachother. I want to just stare at you and remember you as you are today, for the rest of our lives. Today we are so in Love. Today there will be nothing but butterflies, smiles, laughter. And if tomorrow shall bring an argument, I want to remember how in Love we are today. If in 10 years we are at the end of our ropes, I want to remember today. I want Love to fill me up as I remember today, and we climb to the top of that rope, because nothing can separate our Love. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me content, you make me believe in Love, deep, deep Love. And I promise to Love you. To Love You. To Love You. I Love you.



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